Rejuvenate Outrageous High Performance Stain Remover & Laundry Pre-Treater 16oz


About this item

  • Rejuvenate OUTrageous Stain Remover for clothes and Laundry Pre-Treater is the most powerful stain remover for clothes on the market
  • Removes stains from clay, grime, grease, wine, grass, dirt and more
  • Bleach-free, safe for both colored and white clothes, linens and upholstery. This laundry stain remover can tackle tough grass stain removal, red clay stain removal and cooking oil stain removal.
  • Concentrated stain remover penetrates deeply into fabric fibers breaking down even the most difficult stains including red wine stain removal, to lift them from the surface.
  • Gentle enough to use on all colors of fabrics, clothing, textiles and linens, but also tough enough to remove coffee stains, remove chocolate stains and remove ink stains from clothes.

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